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December 2002 minutes

District #14

District #14 Coordinator Alan Buffington called the meeting to order at 2:00, Dec. 15th at the Chat-N-Chew in Wellman. There were 42 members and guests present. There was a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters. Roll call of officers: Dave Carter, Robin Buffington, Vicki Johnson & Mike Nebel excused.

Secretary’s Report: spotman motioned to waive the reading of the minutes, Myrna 2nd – passed.

Treasure’s Report: Amanda read the report, Glenda motioned to accept the report as read, 2nd by Myrna – passed.

Legislative: Bacon said nothing foreseen on helmet issues but we are keeping out eye out. ABATE is going to fight to prevent the .08% Blood Alcohol federal mandate.

MRF: Jack reported that the MRF launched an economic Impact Study on the proposed EPA ruling. This is to test whether the EPA has supported its Highway Motorcycle Rule with economic benefit cost analysis as required. (Executive Rule 12866) In other words, they have to prove that their ruling is of some benefit. The study will attempt to prove that this ruling will no only cost riders but small business’ and aftermarket suppliers. An economist, Dr. Vaughn, will also look at California and ask why have bike sales depressed in CA after enacting this rule and skyrocketed in the 49 other states? The study will be done by 12/31/02 so it can be added to the other public comments and reviewed by the 108th Congress.

Share the Road: January 2003 is the next class. A training video was produced at the Ottumwa High School in Nov. We need more presenters.

Charity Account: A donation went to “Shop with a Cop” in Ottumwa, a yearly event.

Old Business: 2 Wheel Trauma/Accident Scene Management scheduled for April 5th and 6th 2003…Buff drafter a letter of invitation for professionals who might be interested and read it for us. Buff priced having donuts & coffee for break and serving a lunch when we host these courses for @ 200 people. Myrna motioned for D#14 to pay for donuts, coffee and lunch, 2nd by Angie – passed. Buff would like for people to help address and stamp envelopes at the Swap Meet.

Swapmeet/Auction gate duties are as follows…Wappello, Jefferson, Washington, Henry, Mahaska, Keokuk and Van Buren in that order. The districts 2002 Events Calendar will be ready and available at the Swapmeet. PLEASE bring auction items. The auction starts at 1pm. The posters are out. We will have to keep an eye on the stairwells, as the Bridal Show is upstairs again.

TGIS: The shuttle bus will run from 5pm – 2am again with a security person riding along. The bus cost is the same as last year. Paul has a security list – please sign up. Paul also assured us there will be no HATS this year. Mugs, tickets, etc…John U. & spotman are taking care of this. Dram shop, license, etc…Scoe is taking care of that AND he always does a great job. Bands are taken care of. After some discussion, John U. motioned for D#14 to donate towards the Dirty Lingerie Show after several years on hiatus, 2nd by Jan – passed. We need a volunteer to head this up – please contact Buff.

Membership Drive: After much discussion, Bacon motioned that from Jan 1rst to Sep 30th, whoever signs up the most members will win $100, 2nd place $50 and 3rd place $25 cash, 2nd by Glenda – passed.

New Business: Buff received a call that D#14 was not filling out the W-9’s correctly – Buff will take care of this. The January meeting is the same day as the state meeting. If Dave Carter can’t make it then Amanda will run the meeting.

In June on the ballot, Alex Davis and Joe Huffman were nominated as Co-County Coordinators for Van Buren County. Since the passing of Alex – Joe will be the sole County Coordinator for Van Buren County.

Kenny Wiseman made a donation to the district’s Down Biker Fund from the Soul Patrol. THANK YOU!!!

spotman updated us on the Boycott of the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally in 2003. Spotman motioned, John U. 2nd to support the boycott – passed.

It was requested that our district Chaplain Robert “Beagle” Beghtol say a prayer for all of us – which he did.

Laurie Long from D#25 and WOW stated she was impressed with how we ran our meeting. Thank you.

Joe Huffman ordered a rock for Alex Davis to be added to our Freedom Rock Memorial in Freemont. If anyone would like to donate to this effort, contact Joe.

Alex started an unofficial “Run to the River” and Illinois to see the fall colors. Angie motioned and have an “Alex Davis Run to the River” the 1rst Saturday of October 2003, 2nd by Donna – passed.

Membership Drawing: Doug Crawford not present. Big John Smith made a donation to the Veterans Day event in Knoxville. Thanks.

Thank you cards were read from the Rick Orman family; Alex Davis’s family for support and plant; director of the Ecumenical Lords Cupboard, Theresa Lundly for continued support; Pauline Rodgers & Norma Bogner of the Lords Cupboard Jefferson County for support and the stuffed toys Big John Smith brings them; and director Rev. Jim Wakelin of the Lords Cupboard of Bloomfield for the generous gift.

Iron Butt Ride: Bacon retired last year and Alex Davis headed up the 2002 ride. In Memory of Alex, Bacon will once again head up the 2003 Iron Butt Ride. Bless your heart!

Next Meeting is Jan. 12th at Front Runners in Ottumwa. 1pm is the officers meeting and 2pm is the general meeting.

Thanks to the Chat-N-Chew and Cindy Slaubaugh for taking such good care of us.

Wishing everyone a happy and SAFE New Year, District #14 Secretary, Sherry Brunt