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ABATE of Iowa’s District 14 Share the Road program got its’ start in February 2002. Co-Coordinator’s Jack and Carolyn Gordy had attended an initial seminar at Iowa STEAM 2001, and a training seminar provided by ABATE of Illinois Mike Dreifurst and company in December of 2001 to learn the art of presenting Share the Road. Mike explained that the program revolves around the ability to teach students about the presence of motorcycles on the road, how they can share the road with motorcycles, and also add some fun to the classes to make it interesting.

Share the Road is designed to teach inexperienced, as well as adult, experienced driver’s ways to interact on the road safely with motorcycles. Presentations cover aspects such as:

1) SEEing motorcycles on the road. 2) How to drive safely in traffic with motorcycles. 3) The hazards of drug and alcohol use while operating a motor vehicle. 4) Different types of motorcycles on the road. 5) Statistics of motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents. 6) Differences between motor vehicles and motorcycles. 7) Protective clothing.

The one-hour program consists of oral presentation, a nine-minute video, a ten-question quiz, class discussion, and question and answer period. District 14’s Share the Road program has earned a dedicated following of High School Driver Ed instructors who have invited us return again and again to their schools to give this presentation in the 8 counties represented. We are currently opening this program up to adult organizations and elderly organizations as well. Share the Road is beneficial to anyone who drives a motor vehicle, and we will be glad to schedule a time to present Share the Road at no charge to any organization that might be interested. Contact Jack and Carolyn at , or 641-682-5394 to schedule a presentation for your school or organization.

District 14’s Share the Road program has evolved from the use of materials provided to us by the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, the Iowa D.O.T., and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, as well as others. Share the Road supports the ABATE of Iowa Motorcycle Rider Education program by providing course and contact information for those interested in obtaining their motorcycle license.