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Dist. 14 Meetings & Events Here are the meeting dates & times plus a list of events for the 2003 calendar year. Mark your calendars and plan to attend. I hope to see you there!! Any questions feel free to e-mail me and I will find the info and get back to you. E-mail me at :

2004 Southeast Iowa Motorcycle Events
      Date    Sponsor    Event Location      Town           Time 
      1/11   ABATE State BOD Meeting      
                       State Office          Eldora          11am

      1/18   Dist 14   District 14 Meeting                
                        Frontrunners         Ottumwa        2pm
      1/24   Dist 14   19th Annual Swap Meet 
                       Coliseum              Ottumwa       10am

      2/14   Dist 12   Valentine Day Run        
                        Owl Tap              Albia         Noon

      2/14-15 ChroHr   Capital City Swap Mt    
                       Fairgrounds           Des Moines    10am

      2/15   Dist 14   District 14 Meeting      
                       Amer. Legion         Farmington     2pm

      2/21  Dist 15    Ton  O’Slush                  
                       Don’s Pub             Donahue       1pm

      2/21  Dist 9     Wild Game Feed      
                        American Legion      Newton          7pm

      2/27-3/7         National Daytona Race Week     
                       Daytona Beach       Daytona FL

      3/4              GN.Race Daytona ShortTrack                     
                                            Daytona FL

      3/7              2-Sisters Cedar Rapids Swap Mt 
                       HawkeyeDown          CedarRapids     10am

      3/13  I.M.R.A .  MC Expo-Swap-Show  
                       Jewel’s Skate Pk     Decorah         10am

      3/14  ABATE State BOD Meeting       
                       State Office         Eldora          11am

      3/14  Dist 14    District 14 Meeting      
                       Alpine Inn           Ottumwa         2pm

      3/20  Dist 14    20th T.G.I. S. Party    
                       Coliseum             Ottumwa         5pm

      4/2 -4  MRF      Heartland Steam            
                       Holliday Inn         Kearney NE      6pm

      4/3-4  Dist 7    North Iowa MC Expo   
                       North Iowa FG        Mason City      10am

      4/18   Dist 14   HwyCleanup/Meeting  
                       HedY/Winds           Oskaloosa       12/2

      5/6-8  NCOM      NCOM National Conv.Hotel                 
                                            Oklahoma City 

      5/8   ABATE State BOD Meeting       
                       State Office          Eldora         11am

      5/14-15 O-Pride  Hog Wild Rodeo           
                       Circle Grounds        Conesville

     5/22  Dist 14     Charity Ride/Meeting 
                       End/Dew Drop           Libertyville  Noon

     5/23  Dist 4      IOWA THUNDER        
                       Southridge Mal         DesMoines     Noon

     5/29   W.O.W.     Hepititis C Run              
                       Red Shed               Hedrick       Noon

     5/29-31 GNRaces   Springfield TT & Mile Track                    
                                              Springfield IL

     6/4-5  Dist 9     MidStateThunderRally  Raceway          
                                              Brooklyn      2pm

     6/5    Dist 12    PIGOUT                         
                       The Landing            Lake Rathbun  9am

     6/13   Dist 14    District 14 Meeting       
                       AJ’s B&G               Mt. Sterling  2pm

     6/17-19  Dist 15  Sturgis on the River        
                       Riverfront             Davenport     10am

     6/19    Dist 14   20th Baldy Memorial Ride 
                       Bob’s Place            Fremont       1pm

     6/19    Dist 14   19th Anniversary Party  
                       Fairgrounds            What Cheer    3pm

     6/24-27 Dist 18+  Big River Rally              
                       Rodeo Grounds          Ft.Madison    4pm

     6/26    State     17th Iowa Iron Butt Ride       

     7/2-4   ABATE    20th FREEDOM RALLY Freedom Park   
                      Algona                                8am

     7/11    ABATE    State BOD Meeting         
                      State Office             Humboldt     11am

     7/15-17 IN ABATE The BOOGIE    
                      Lawrence Co Rec Park      Indiana

     7/18    Dist 14  District 14 Meeting       
                      Wel-Come Inn              Winfield     2pm

     7/23-25   W.O.W. Kaye Ward Ride      
                      Fairgrounds               Fairfield

     8/7-8   GNRace   Grand National  ½ Mile Track
                                                Farley IA

     8/9-15  National STURGIS                         
                      Black Hills               Sturgis SD

     8/14    Dist 6-9  69 Run                   
                      O’Kelly’s Steak & Pub     Baxter

     8/15    Dist 12-14-18 Tri-Dist.Picnic & Mt   
                      Airfield                   Blakesburg   12/2

     8/21    Dist 14  Supporting Business Run end/Harley’s    
                                                 Ottumwa      1pm

     8/28    Dist 14  Rain Date for above

     8/28    Dist 4   Wellman Run & Camp        
                      Chat&Chew                  Wellman      10am

     9/3-5   O+ Pride Thunder in the Sand            
                      Circle Grounds             Conesville

     9/3-5   Blackhawk Antique MC Swap              
                      Fairgrounds                Davenport

     9/4-5   GNRace   Springfield ST&Mile Track    
                                                 Springfield  IL

     9/11    Dist 14  SLR Cleanup & Meet       
                      Fairgrounds                Keosauqua    10/2

     9/12    ABATE State BOD Meeting            
                      State Office               Eldora        11am

     9/17-19  SLRA    State Line Rally                
                      Fairground                 Keosauqua     Noon

     9/18    Dist 9   KnoxvilleFun Run             
                      Dingus                     Knoxville    1pm

    9/24-26   GNRace  DuQuoin ST&Mile Track               
                                                 DuQuoin IL

    9/24-26   MRF     Meeting of the Minds      
                      Hotel                      St. Louis MO

    9/25     Dist 14  SLR Cleanup+Scheduling     
                      Fairgrounds                Keosauqua     10am

   10/2      Dist 12  Fall Fun Run           
                      Tennessee Owl Tap          Albia          Noon

   10/2      M-16     Friends of Alex Davis Memorial Ride

   10/10     Dist 4   21st Toy Run            
                      State Capital              Des Moines     1pm

   10/17     Dist 14  HwyCleanup/ Mt    
                      HedY/Red Shed              Hedrick       12/2

  10/21-24            National Daytona Biketoberfest  
                      Daytona  Beach             Daytona FL

   10/30  Dist 9      Halloween Party          
                      American Legion            Monroe        7pm

   11/12-13  ABATE IOWA STEAM          
                      Newton Inn                 Newton        6pm

   11/14     ABATE State BOD Meeting      
                      Newton Inn                 Newton        10am

   11/20     Dist 9   Chili Cookoff       
                      Whitey’s                   Kellogg       6pm

   11/21    Dist 14   District Meeting         
                      End Zone                   Richland      2pm

   12/19    Dist 14   District Meeting         
                      4th Avenue B&G             Washington    2pm

   12/19    Dist 12   Dist. Mt & Pot Luck    
                      The Landing                Rathbun       1pm

Latest Information on Events

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Couldn't make the Meeting or Lost your Straight Pipes

If you couldn't make the meeting or you lost your copy of the Straight Pipes, then come here. Starting with the November 2002 meeting there will be a copy of the minutes here for you to look at.

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