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Abate Dist. 14 May Minutes

District #14

 District #14 Coordinator Alan Buffington called 

the meeting to order at 2:10,

May 18th at Ned’s Place in Batavia.

 There was a moment of silence for lost brother and sisters.

 Roll call of officer: Amanda, Bacon, Julie, Jack, Carolyn
and Big John excused.

There were 24 members present.
 Secretary’s Report – Myrna motioned to waive the reading of the minutes,

 2nd by Paul – passed.
 Treasurer’s Report – Buff gave the report,
 Myrna motioned
 to accept the report as read,
 2nd by Jim – passed.

 MRF (sent in by Jack) - Meeting of the Minds is Sept 18-21
 in Green Bay, WI.
 Karen Bolin has stepped up to take the Presidents
 job for the MRF after Buck Kittredge’s death.
 She has what it takes to keep the MRF moving in a
 positive direction.

 Bill introduced in the house – rescues health care

 benefits to those injured in motorcycle accidents.

 Some insurance companies where you work won’t cover
 this type of accident if you are injured.

 The bill extends benefits to employer-insured Americans
 engaged in legal recreational activities.

 Share the Road (sent in by Jack) - We are really busy
 scheduling for end of school/summer driver ed classes.

 Also busy helping other district get started.
 The new brochures are done and being distributed.

 Carolyn did a great job putting them together.

 We have 8 counties and 16 high schools we are 
covering here in D#14 as well as taking classes
out of our district for those areas where we don’t
have instructors as of yet.

 This is easy to learn if you have a little time to give
 the program.

 Freedom Rally – the state would like each district to have 33
people to work the gate and 50 people to work security for each
4-hour shift.

 Baldy – 309 34 oz. cups were ordered, remember last year
 we had left over cups from TGIS and Baldy 2001.

 We are still waiting for Dram Shop but it’s coming together.

 Robin & Angie will be at the gate in What Cheer for early
 arrivals and when the “ride” comes in.

 Gate duties for Baldy are:

 Jefferson noon – 3,

 Wappelo 3-4:30,

 Washington 4:30-6,

 Keokuk 6-7:30,

 Van Buren 7:30-9,

 Mahaska 9-10:30,

 Henry 10:30-midnite.

 Nominations for the upcoming District Elections held 
at the Baldy are:

 Coordinator – Alan Buffington,

 Asst. Coordinator – Myrna Erlenbush,

 Secretary – Sherry Brunt,

 Treasurer – Amanda Bacon,

 Legislative Officer – Steve Bacon,

 Membership – John Uchtman,

 Merchandise – Glenda “Ernie” Weirbach,   
 Chaplin – Robert “Beagle” Beghtol,

 Newsletter Editor – Connie Slonaker,

 Sgt at Arms: 

 Paul Rominger,

 Jan Parcel,

 Big John Smith,

 Kevin Donahue,

 Randy Pottorff,

 Jeff Noe,

 Cliff Amber,

 Donna pttorff,

 Henry County Coor – Angie Richardson, 

 Jefferson County Coor – Beth Rysdam,

 Wappelo County Coor – Roger “Scoe” Weirbach, 

 Mahaska County Coor – Carl Thomas,

 Van Buren County Coor – Linda Kennedy, 

 Washington County Coor – Joni Stutsman.

Nomination will continue at the next district meeting in Keosaqua.

 A get well card was sent around for one of our

 Assistant State Coordinator’s,

 Viper who has been in the hospital.

John Meyers of Oskaloosa was not present to win the membership drawing.

 We want to thank Ned’s Place for having us and 
for the good food.

 Thanks to bartender and owner Tom Ford.

 The next is June 15th at T & C in Keosauqua with
 the officers meeting at 1pm and the district meeting
 at 2pm.

Scoe motioned to adjourn, 2nd by Angie – passed.

Thank you to Amanda for taking the minutes last month.


Dist 14 Secretary,Sherry Brunt