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January 2003 minutes

District #14

District #14 Treasurer Amanda Bacon called the meeting to order at 2pm on Jan 12th 2003 at the Front Runners in Ottumwa. There were 37 members present. Roll call of officers: Alan Buffington, Jack and Gypsy Gordy were at the state meeting. Marty Engles, Vicki Johnson, Mike Nebel, Dave Carter excused. Big John Smith & Julie Wilson absent.

Secretary’s Report: John U. motioned to waive the reading of the minutes, 2nd by Angie, passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Glenda read the report, Myrna motioned to accept the report as read, Bush Hog 2nd, passed.

Legislative Report: Bacon reported that the State Legislature is in session and except for the .08& Blood Alcohol debate nothing is going on. Channel 5 did a survey – “Should motorcyclists wear helmets?” As of midnite Sunday 1/12, it was 95-5 in favor of no helmets.

Thank you on behalf of the Special Olympics Youth Team, from Roger and Jane Scoles…Thank you for the contribution from Dist #14 to our program. Thank you from Scottie Moore for the Oskaloosa Senior High for serving 97 kids, free milk tickets to 10 children. We have a worthwhile program.

Old Business: Swap Meet, please bring stuff for the PAC auction. Everything is ready to go. Lynn Conger made a motion to have Garnet Scobee to sing the National Anthem before the PAC Auction, Jan 2nd, passed

T.G.I.S.: Scoe is working insurance, liquor license and beer. John U. has the design for the mugs, bands set, & posters done. Tom is working on the t-shirts. Paul has a list started for those volunteering for security duty. The following motels have special room prices for us: Hotel Ottumwa, Super 8, Heartland Inn. Check out the T.G.I.S. poster for more information. John U. motioned for the Dist to pay for the lingerie and let the Women in The Wind find models, put the show on and all proceeds from the “Lingerie Show” go to the Women in the Wind, Jan 2nd, passed.

Events calendars are out.

New Business: Charity Ride, we know when but we don’t know where. Think about it & if you have any ideas bring them to a meting please.

Randy Pottorff made a new display case for the pins Glenda displays at our merchandise booth. She has outgrown the other one. Bush Hog motioned to have Dist 14 pay Randy for the materials, 2nd by Garnet, passed. Thank you Randy.

Alise Palmer broke her leg. A get well card was sent around. Get well soon.

Leo Powell was no present to accept the membership drawing. Bryant Frank is Dist #14’s newest member. WELCOME! John U. made a donation to the Women in the Wind. Next meeting is Feb 16th at Lindy’s Bar and Grill in Bonaparte. 1pm Officers Meeting, 2pm District Meeting. Dist 14 wants to than Front Runners and bartenders Brent Greiner and Tom Bevins.

Motion to adjourn by Myrna, 2nd by Angie, passed.

Dist 14 Secretary, Sherry Brunt