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Abate Dist. 14 June Minutes

District #14	

District #14 Coordinator Alan Buffington 

called the meeting to order at 2:15,

 June 21rst at the Town and Country

 in Keosauqua.
There were 36 members present.
There was moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters.

Secretary’s Report 
Myrna motioned to waive the reading of the minutes,

 2nd by Glenda – passed.	

 Treasure’s Report – Amanda read the report,
 Myrna motioned to accept the report as read,
 Glenda 2nd – passed.	
Legislative –

 ALL of Iowa’s 5 Congressmen signed the “Strickland-Shimkus” letter to the EPA.
 MRF – EPA is finalizing ruling on street bike emissions.

 Lot’s of riders from SMRO’s from across the nation

 have converged on Washington DC in April and May
 and made a huge impression on legislators. 

“Meeting of the Minds” is coming up in Green Bay,
 Wisconsin on Sep 18-21. Make reservations by August 18th
 to save some money.

 Share the Road – Super busy with classes with
 13 classes in June and the July schedule looking full.

 Jack & Carolyn are also helping other districts get 
STR programs set-up in their districts and training 
instructors. They did a presentation for

 “American Modern Insurance Group in Des Moines
 on May 28th. They insure motorsports vehicles 
(bikes, ATV’s, watercraft, etc…) They were really
 impressed and sent $100 for the District #14 STR
 Program. Bottom line –

 District #14 NEEDS more
 people to step up and help out as instructors!

Old Business – Baldy – Dram shop, mugs, beer, pop,
 food, etc…Looks good!
Charity Account is very low. John U. motioned to 
maintain the food pantries and Special Olympics,
 2nd by Paul – passed.

New Business – Supporting Business Ride will be 8/23.

 We need to set up routes and final destination.	

 Asst District Coor – Paul Rominger,

 SGT. At Arms –

 Jim Eakins,

 George Kennedy,

 Randy Maddix,

 Keokuk County Coor. – Doug Brown,

 Washington County Coor. – Myrna Erlenbush.

Membership Drawing – Doug Fountain from Kansas was not present.
Sympathy cards were sent to the family of Beverly Roberts
 of Winfield, the family of Mark Van Berkam of Pella
 and to the Reaves family. Our thoughts are with you.	

We want to thank the owners of the Town and Country,
 Cecil and Shelia Hamberg and bartender Cheri Claman
 for their hospitality.

 Next meeting is July 20th at
the Century Bar in Salem at 2pm, officer’s meeting
at 1pm.District #14

 Secretary, Sherry Brunt