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HD 100th Anniversary

ABATE of WI, Washington County & Jefferson County
 are hosting 2 campgrounds for the HD 100th Anniversary.
 We can fit aprox.1000 people at each and the sites
 will be filled first come, first served.
If you could list this web address &/or link in your
 newsletters and on your websites,
 you will help support the cause for
 'Freedom of the Road' and ABATE of Wisconsin.
If you have already gotten this information, my apologies.
All information and reservation forms are
 available on website and the
 link is
If you have other questions, I can be reached at 262-306-0606.
Thank You
Diane Boudry-Rodd
Washington County,WI

My Snazzy List of Links

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HD 100th Anniversary
American Motors/ Talk back has a lot of good info too
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