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February 2003 minutes


Alan Buffington called the meeting to order at 2:05, Feb 16 at Lindy’s Bar and Grill in Bonaparte, Ia. There were 24 members signed in, yet there were more than 24 members there, please sign in. There was a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters. Roll call of officers: Dave Carter, Steve & Amanda Bacon, Randy Pottorff, Big John Smith, Julie Wilson, Vicki Johnson, Mike Nebel & Beagle all excused.

Secretary’s Report: Myrna motioned to waive the reading of the minutes, 2nd by Angie – passed.

There was no treasurer’s report this month. Our calling tree is not in the greatest shape.

Charity Account: A donation will be made to the Eldon Fire Department.

MRF: Jack Gordy reported on the Vaughn Study: 1) EPA did not meet obligations under small business regulatory enforcement fairness act. Their analysis only considers bike manufactures and not small business owners (performance shops and after market).

2) None of the EPA documents mentions “rider safety”.

3) EPA wants to “Harmonize” California emission standard with 49 others states; CA had a 7% reduction in bike registrations while the other states increased 32%. Jack also reminded everyone that Meeting of the Minds is September 18-21 in Green Bay, WI. Jack also talked about the New Mexico Senator who withdrew his bill to force bikers to be organ donors after over 1100 emails.

Share the Road: The Gordy’s need help, they need instructors as this program is growing fast. Scheduling is in progress.

Old Business: Swap Meet…we had a good turnout.

T.G.I.S.: Scoe’s on a roll with all his duties. Glenda showed us the design for the event t-shirt. Security: Paul has changed his mind, the shirts will be bright green. Everything is coming together.

Two-Wheel-Trauma/Accident Scene Management is scheduled for April 5 & 6 in Eldon Ia. at the Fairgrounds. Hy-Vee will cater coffee & donuts in the morning and a lunch. The responses have been good.

New Business: Charity Ride, having this in Birmingham was suggested, as camping is available close to the bar. More on it next month, thanks Dave.

Sherry shared a thought and idea she had. Sherry knows of two D#14 members (that she knows of) who are in the National Guard. Vicki Johnson from Oskaloosa and Peggy Van Dusseldorp from Pella could be called to active duty at any minute, as war looks inevitable. One of the great things about the people in ABATE if their Patriotism. The names of lost brothers and sisters is read aloud at the Freedom Rally every year during the opening ceremonies. Sherry’s idea is to read aloud the names of all ABATE of Iowa members called to active duty during the opening ceremonies of the Freedom Rally. The District’s would have to gather this information about their membership. Along with this, a full listing of the names in the Freedom Rally Paper and a poster containing the names could be put up at the Products Building or the Beer Tent. Myrna motioned, Scoe 2nd this idea and have Buff present it to the BOD at the next State Meeting – passed.

Buff said that the State would like D#14 to security shifts again this year at the FR. John U. motioned, Robin 2nd that D#14 will do 2 security duties – passed.

Beth Rysdam, President of Women on Wings asked if WOW could borrow D #14’s rodeo equipment for their Kaye Ward/Run With the Wind Rally June 27-29. It will be brought back promptly and in orderly fashion. Myrna motioned, Jack 2nd to let WOW borrow the equipment – passed.

Joe ordered a rock for Jerry Parrish to be put in our rock garden in Fremont. Donations are welcome. Thanks Joe!

A former member of D#14 died in a car accident in Texas in Jan 2003; he was Lt. Commander, Dr., Rev, Gary Smith.

Jeff Corey of Stockport was not present to win the membership drawing.

Next meeting is March 16th in Ottumwa at the Alpine. 1pm Officers Meeting, 2 pm district meeting. Some years it snows, some years we ride. LET’S HOPE WE RIDE!!

We want to thank Lindy’s Bar and Grill, Lindy McCracken the owner and bartender Candy Morris for having us. At 3:35 Jack motioned, Carolyn 2nd to adjourn…never heard an argument – passed.

Sincerely, Dist 14 Secretary Sherry (CBC) Brunt