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December 2004 Minutes

D#14 Jan meeting

District #14 Coordinator Alan Buffington 
called the meeting to order at 2:20pm at 
Front Runners in Ottumwa.
There were 39 members present.
There was a moment of silence for lost 
brothers and sisters.

Roll call of Officers showed Jack, Jan & Beth 
were excused.

Secretary’s Minutes – Myrna Motioned, 
Angie 2nd to waive the reading of the minutes 
– passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Amanda gave the report,
Myrna motioned, Bushhog 2nd to accept the 
report as read – passed.

Legislative – Bacon encouraged everyone to attend 

MRF – spotman read Jack’s MRF Report.
(see all topics in depth at
EPA released it final ruling on motorcycle emissions.
The Tier 1 standard will affect new motorcycles
produced from 2006 and on. Tier 2 takes effect in 2010.
Small volume manufacturers w/fewer than 500 employees 
worldwide producing fewer than 3000 motorcycles per year 
in the US will only have to meet the Tier 1 standard 
and will be exempt from the Tier 2 standard.
This was a victory for motorcyclists who through 
their SMRO’s and the MRF fought hard for this. 

The EPA still feels these new standards will not 
adversely affect the aftermarket as they believe 
the aftermarket will adapt. 
We’ll see!!! The EPA gave individuals a one-in-a-lifetime 
exemption for building their own custom/kit bike. 
However, if that bike is sold – it will have to be 
MADE to meet the EPA standards. 

Motorcycle Safety Foundation president Tim Buche 
criticized RE in front of an important Senate 
subcommittee meeting to discuss our initiatives 
in regards to TEA-21reauthorization. 
He basically said that Rider Training is only good 
for 6 months and after that, we were lucky to not 
be killed. 
He urged the committee to NOT fund Rider Ed programs.
Members of the MRF and SMRO’s were amazed to hear 
this as Buche and the MSF has stated publicly in 
the past that they supported our initiatives. 

What is most disturbing is that our own ABATE of 
Iowa RE curriculum is from the MSF. 
Tim Nelson has called for a letter writing campaign 
to have Buche removed…look in your Freewat Flyer 
for how you can help.

Share the Road – Gypsy read a letter from Wayne Weirson, 
the only person who walked away from the Tama accident, 
after a verdict of “not guilty” was given to Gary Butler 
who ran them all down. 
(It is printed elsewhere in this newsletter) 
Some people in ABATE of Iowa are looking at ways 
to fix the loophole in our justice system that 
let Butler get away with murder. 

STR reached 6301 people in 2003. D#14 held the most classes. 
The grant we were trying to get from the MSF is on 
hold due to Buche’s position on Rider training. 
New “give-away” items for classes are in and more 
will be ordered. We hope to double 2003 numbers. 
New people needed to present STR in D#14…PLEASE HELP OUT!!!!!

Old Business – Swap Meet/PAC Auction…we have our insurance.
 We NEED donations for auction items – 
and they don’t have to be motorcycle related.
 Lots of vendors calling Scoe. T.G.I.S. – posters 
and tickets are done, officers have them, $15 in 
advance $20 at the door. Shirt ideas were discussed – 
short and long sleeved priced between $20-$25. 
Need Security volunteers…contact Jeff Noe with 
your shirt size. 
County Coordinators are responsible to work the 
“ticket booth” and have their own people to work 
the door. 

Motels: (all prices are for 4-people) 
Super 8 - $49, 
Marriot & Days Inn - $58, 
Heartland Inn - $59.95, 
AmerInn - $65.95. 

The shuttle will be running. Budweiser will be served. 
4 Deputies will be on premise. Set up begins at noon, 
security meeting at 4pm. 
Gate Duties: 

Wappelo – 5-6:30, 
Van Buren – 6:30-8, 
Keokuk – 8-9:30, 
Mahaska – 9:30-11, 
Henry – 11-12:30, 
Washington 12:30-2, 
Jefferson – floater.

New Business – State Meeting – 
Buff told us ALL that happened. PLEASE read your Freeway Flyer.

Beagle said a prayer. 

Kelly Hobson from New London was not present 
for her Membership Drawing. 
Welcome to “Woody’s Sports Bar” in Pella 
as a new supporting business. 

Thanx to Front Runners for having us and 
owner/bartender DeAnne Fredrick and bartender 
Judy Tuttle for being so great. 
Angie Richardson made a donation to the Down Biker Fund.

 Next meeting, Feb 15th at the American Legion 
in Farmington at 2pm. After the meeting there 
will be a baby shower top welcome Harley Buffington, 
newly adopted son of Buff and Robyn. 

Motion to adjourn by angie, 2nd by John – passed.

Sherry Brunt