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D#14 Nov Flyer

D#14 Coordinator Alan Buffington called the meeting
 to order at 2pm, Nov 16th at the Whitehouse in Sigourney.
 There were 31 members and several guests present.
 There was a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters.
 Roll call of officers: Amanda, Jan, Angie, Jeff, Myrna,
 Jack – excused

Secretary’s Report – Dave motioned to waive the reading 
of the minutes, 2nd by Donna – passed.

Treasure’s Report – Glenda read the report,
 Dave motioned to accept as read, Jim 2nd – passed.

Legislative Report – Caucus’s are coming up in Jan 
 get involved and attend! The locations will be in
 your local newspaper so keep a sharp eye out.

MRF – Good articles by Steve Rector, Tim Nelson and
 others in the November Flyer. Senate Committee passes
 health care remedy unanimously (S.423) with support
 from the MRF, AMA and thousands of bikers.
 (This bill will insure that if you PAY for insurance
 coverage, the insurance company HAS to pay the claim
 if you’re injured motorcycling) See MRF website for
 more details. NHTSA has released yet another study on
 motorcycle helmet laws. They commissioned a Connecticut
 research company to build a case targeting motorcyclists
 in Kentucky and Louisiana where both states have recently
 modified mandatory helmet use. NHTSA is trying to prove
 deaths are up. There have been some changes in the
 MRF Board of Directors. Iowa had the biggest attendance
 at Meeting of the Minds this past Sept. in Green Bay, WI.
 Next year it is in St. Louis.

Share the Road – Classes for fall drivers ed are being
 scheduled now. We need instructors in D#14. This is an
 easy program to learn and very rewarding. Contact Jack
 or Carolyn for how YOU can get involved!

Buff gave Jim Eakins a certificate for being 
a STR Instructor. Congratulations and thank you!

Old Business – Swap Meet – posters are ready and passed
 out at the meeting. SATURDAY, Jan 24th is the date and
 we’re in the basement of the Coliseum. Please bring 
donations for our yearly PAC Auction! Gate duties: 1)
 Wappello 2) Washington 3) Mahaska 4) Keokuk 5)
 Van Buren 6) Jefferson 7) Henry

New Business – T.G.I.S. – We got the Coliseum on March 20th
 (the first day of spring) Tentative bands are
 “Mississippi Band” opening and “Burnt River” headlining.
 Jim motioned, Linda 2nd to go with “Burnt River” – passed.
 Women on the Wings will be hosting the “Lingerie Show”.
 Both long and short sleeve event shirts will be available.
 “Cat Trax” will do the production. Paul will contact Doug 
about the shuttle. Look for a security sign-up sheet at the
 next meeting(s). All Area Coordinators are required to
 work security and the beer booth. John & spotman will take
 care of tickets, posters & mugs. Motels are the same as
 last year plus the Fairfield Inn and the American Inn.
 There will be a tattoo contest.

Buff gave a report on the State Meeting. The following
 district officers may NOT make motions,
 2nds or vote at district meetings: Coor,
 Asst. Coor, Secretary, Treasure, Legislative Officer.
 Other topics were discussed.

D #14 member Gary Sobek volunteered to put together a
 “D#14 Enews Letter”. Dave motioned, spotman 2nd to let
 Gary do this  passed. Alan Buffington received the 
“Fireman of the Year Award” for serving 22 years in
 Winfield. Congratulations! Donna motioned,
 Randy 2nd to continue to donate to our county food
 pantries and “Shop With a Cop” in Ottumwa – passed.
 Beagle said that anytime someone has questions or 
just needs to talk, please feel free to call him 
(his number is in the newsletter) Beagle then said
 a short prayer. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAGLE!!! 
Don Kirshner is an ordained minister and a D#14 member.
 He can perform ceremonies for anyone in the district
 if you get hold of him in advance.

Marty Ingle’s address: #990193 Newton Correctional
 Facility, P.O. 2018, Newton, Iowa, 50208-0318. 
Send him a letter and brighten his day.

Randy Morrison from Ainsworth was not present to win
 the membership drawing. We want to thank the Whitehouse,
 Larry White and Jeanne Pfannebecker for the great food
 and for having us.

The next D#14 meeting is at the “Captains Cove” in
 Washington. Please bring food and toys for distribution
 to those less fortunate in our district at Christmas time.
 Motion to adjourn by Donna, 2nd by Carl – passed.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New year.

D#14 Secretary,
Sherry Brunt