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October 2003 Meeting

   D#14 Alan Buffington called the meeting to order at 2:40pm,
 Oct. 19th at Peggy’s Place in Harvey.
There were 25 members present.
There was a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters.

 Roll call of officers: Jack, Randy, Connie,
 & Angie excused.
 Secretary’s Report –
 Glenda motioned, Jan 2nd
 to waive the reading of the minutes – passed.

 Treasure’s Report –
 Amanda read the Treasure’s Report,
 Myrna motioned to accept as read, Linda 2nd – passed.

 Willard thanked everyone for prayers,
 cards and visits when he was ill.

 Membership –
 John reported that D#14 now has 595 members.

 John U. motioned, spotman 2nd to instead of making our
 yearly donation of $1 per member to the MRF,
 that we would send them $600 – passed.

 John motioned, Myrna 2nd, to give Buff his Lifetime Membership
 – passed.

 In past years, if a D#14 Coordinator serves 2 year,
 they have been given a Lifetime Membership,
 Buff is in his 3rd year and doing a fine job.

 Legislative –
 Bacon said nothing going on, but don’t let your guard down.
 spotman said if you have a chance to get out and meet the
 politicians DO IT! These people remember bikers.
 Buff and spotman briefed the membership on the issues surrounding
 NHTSA’s lobbying the United Nations.

 MRF Report –
 Jack continued to brief the membership on NHTSA…having failed
 to convince state legislatures to adopt mandatory helmet laws,
 NHTSA has pushed a United Nations Working Group into doing a
 study of motorcycle safety issues. 6 of the 14 points of the
 study have to do with helmets. NHTSA also awarded a contract
 to do a limited study of motorcyclists before it was approved
 to do so. Meeting of the Minds was a great success.
 The MRF praised Legislators for the help with the health care
 issue pertaining to being covered by your work insurance company
 when you’re riding. For more information about NHTSA, EPA, HIPAA,
 or contact Jack.

 Share the Road –
 Carolyn reported that classes done in Fairfield, Keosauqua & Eddyville
  one class upcoming in November in Washington.

 Getting ready for STEAM –
 Jack and Gypsy are doing one workshop.
 “Don’t Veer for Deer” news conference in Des Moines went well.
 ABATE outnumbered everyone else there!!! Thanks to the D#14
 and D#15 members who showed up. Share the Road is being presented
 to the State Driver Education Conference in Des Moines in November,
 BIG LIFT for STR! Cold we possibly get a couple more instructors
 from D#14? We need some help and it’s fun for all.
 See or call Jack and/or Gypsy if interested.

 Old Business – STEAM,
 Buff has a list of people who are going. The seminars are free
 to set in on; the only costs are the banquet and rooms.
 John Uchtman is going to buy a room for Saturday night and any
 D#14 member is welcome to stay in that room.
 The events calendar is in the right hands and they should
 be ready by the Swap Meet.

 Membership Drive winners –
 1rst was John Uchtman with 25 new members,
 2nd was Myrna Erlenbush with 10 new members,
 3rd was Roger “Scoe” Weirbach with 6 new members.
 Buff has 1-½ pages of members that signed up new members.
 Thank you all and great job everyone.

 New Business –
 There was discussion about the Ottumwa Coliseum and our dates
 for both the Swap Meet and TGIS. John U. is working with people
 in Ottumwa to get our dates confirmed in stone. More later…

 Buff told us about a proposed “ABATE Hall of Fame” that came
 from the State Meeting. Buff read the criteria. MUCH discussion ensued.
 It was felt there were too many categories and it was too narrow
  nominees should be elected on the basis of ALL they have done for
 ABATE of Iowa. The concept is a good idea.

 Buff also told us our billboards are up throughout the state with
 more to come.
 There will be two in Ottumwa. Buff showed us the poster
 sizes version
 and the man on the bike is a member of ABATE of Iowa D#10.
 Thank you Strategic America for the help.
 Amanda said the printer on our computer no longer works.
 Jan motioned,Linda 2nd to buy a new printer – passed.

 Beagle said a short prayer. He then reported that
 the turnout for the
 “Alex Davis Ride to the River”
 was good – about 70 bikes
 and Alex’s family was there.

 Arnold Weirup was not present to win the membership drawing.
 Welcome new members Don Kirchner – Ottumwa,
 Bob Miller – Wyoming (IA),
 Elaine Jennings – Bloomfield
 & Collen Cooper – Douds.

 Buff thanked everyone who walked the ditches and helped with
 highway cleanup.

 We want to thank Peggy’s place and bartenders Carmen & Cynthia
 for hosting our meeting.

 Next meeting is at the White House in Sigourney on November 16th.

 PLEASE don’t forget to bring food and toys for our Christmas Charities.
 Carl motioned, Danti 2nd to adjourn – passed at 4pm.

 District #14 Secretary, Sherry Brunt