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November 2002 Minutes

District 14 November Meeting

Coordinator Alan Buffington called die meeting to order at 2:15, Nov 11h at the Wel-Come Inn in Winfield Ia. There were 34 members present. There was a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters.

Roll Call of Officers: Dave Carter, Amanda Bacon, Paul Rominger and Jack Gordy all excused. Secretary's Report -John U. made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes, 2nd by Vicki, passed.

Treasurer's Report -Glenda gave the report, Vicki made a motion to accept the treasurer's report as read, Jan 200, passed.

Legislative Report -Bacon reported with the elections over, the Republicans now control both the House and Senate. There are 57 new people in the house. All but 2 we wanted. 10 in the House lost. ABATE of Iowa was asked by some members of the House to help fight the .08 & Blood Alcohol Federal Mandate. It passed in the State Senate last year 49-1, but was defeated in the House. Write your legislator and let them know you voted them into office to run the State of Iowa, not the Federal Government. ABATE does not condone drinking and driving -we are against the Federal Government blackmailing our state and withholding over $2 million in Road Funds if we don't pass the " .08% BAC"law.

Charity Account -Checks were given to Area Coordinators to give to their County FoOO Cupboards. Also, when seeking out charities to donate to, lease lnake sure you ask them where they stand on the issues we fight for. We have given to the Red Cross -yet they support helmet laws.

MRF -Carolyn gave the report -There is an extension on the public comment period for the EPA ruling until Jan. 8th, 2003. That was why we sent letters to extend it -GREAT JOB! The Barcia Bill (HR 5433), that is fighting this EPA ruling and others has 8 co-sponsors and none are from Iowa. Boswell and Latham did respond favorably to extending the comment period. Thanks!

Share the Road -Carolyn said at STEAM, 55 people attended their STR workshop with 30 info packets requested & handed out and 15 training tapes given out. Thank you Jack and Carolyn! .

Old Business -Officer had a meeting at noon today and set up the 2003 calendar. Swap Meet is Jan 19th at the Colisewn in Ottumwa. 8am- 10am load in, Swap Meet is from 10am- 4pm. 1pm is the PAC Auction. John U. will make up the poster. Gate duties will be decided at the December district meeting. T.G.I.S.Is March 22nd at the Ottumwa Coliseum. We need t-shirt designs brought to the Dec meeting. We could also let Tom design something for us like he has in the past. John U. will do the mug thing. Scoe has his agenda and will take care of his end. Paul will update us on security and shuttle next month. John U. checked into bands..."Standing Hampton" win be the opening band and the headliner win be "Dallas Moore and the Snatch Wranglers" out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Production will be done by Cat Trax Production, Doug Currier and Kathy Campell are the owners. Myrna motioned to accept these bands and production for T.G.I.S., Angie 200, passed.

Buff told us there are 7,429 members of ABATE of Iowa,that is only 7% of the registered motorcyclists in the state. Buff would like to have a membership drive from Jan thru Aug. The State Office would like to see the membership grow to 10,000 by Sept 2003. Ideas for the winning prize. ..each County Coordinator should contact supporting businesses in their area to see what they would like to contribute to a gift package. They will then bring these lists to the Dec meeting where we will vote on the prize package. It was suggested that the memberships Obtained at the Freedom Rally be excluded from the drive. ..everyone agreed.

At STEAM, "Slider" Gilmore and Gypsy talked about "Slider" presenting 2 seminars down in D #14. They are college credit courses: 1) Accident Scene Management for 3 hours of credit 2) Two-Wheel Trauma for 6 hours of credit. Buff would like D#14 to head up this project. "Slider" has a tentative opening the weekend of April 5m.

State Line Rally Committee would pay for 1/2 of the costs if D# 14 would pay for the other half. Glenda motioned and EVERYONE (you had to be there)2nd. D#14 paying for half the cost for Sliders presentation passed.

Carolyn already has several commitments from Fire and Rescue Departments wanting to take these seminars. She is also going to check into financing all or part of the cost in other ways.

A big thanks to the Wel-Come Inn, owner J.R. Hewitt and bartender Tami Haitman.

Announcements: Beth Rysdem will be Henry County Coordinator with Angie. We have some new members: Jom Grimes -Washington, Dusty Nelson -Winfield, Scott Frank -Mt. Pleasant and Dylan Vascik -Salem and one new Supporting Business: Front Runners in Ottumwa. WELCOME ALL!!! Peg Scott and Travis Remington are getting married Dec 14th -congratulations. The D#14 Dec meeting is Dec 15th at the Chat-N-Chew in Wellman (spotman says he's gonna be there!!!). Please bring food and toys. Motion to adjourn by Myrna, 2nd by Angie -passed.

Hope everyone had afilling Thanksgiving, Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!

Sincerely, District#14 Secretary: Sherry "Lucky" Brunt